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Hill Climb Racing: the hippie van

Hill Climb Racing

If you like racing on a fixed terrain, adrenaline getting adrenaline and the pleasure of overcoming serious obstacles, then the Hill Climb Racing game is that that you should try absolutely.

Travelling on a rainbow-coloured hippie bus for mystical and magical trips is not the only thing this game will please you. In addition, there are races in any possible location, from the fun-filled city landfill to the Martian landscape in blood-red shades.

Pick a vehicle and a course

You will see such a wide assortment that your eyes will not be able to keep track of all the options that will offer you interesting cars and places for racing.

We must remind you that each type of transport has its unique features, as well as strengths and weaknesses. For example, the SUV is designed for cross-country racing, and the shuttle bus is designed to run on dirt roads. A racecar requires specially prepared roads, and deserts and sandy roads will be more easily amenable to you if you use a wide-wheeled ATV.

However, you can choose the appropriate vehicle and the area for the races from a wide range:

  • lunar or Martian landscape. There are forests, deserts, highways, landfills, mountainous terrain, rural roads, roller coasters, mud cauldron and many other options;
  • a jeep, a hippie van, a children’s locomotive, a cross-country motorcycle, a tractor, a quad, a hovel, a military jeep and even a «monster truck»;
  • control is limited by «gas» and «brake».

In addition, the vehicle you choose will be able to refine and customize this before the start of the race, as well as add or remove glacier functions that are suitable for the external conditions of a particular route.

On the way, you will collect coins and buy fuel and spare parts, carry out repairs and technical adjustments for this money. You can also increase the power of your engine, increase suspension and mount a turbo-accelerator. This will allow you to speed up the race and enjoy the ride.

In Hill Climb Racing, the game, the art of driving, is reduced to the timely pressing of gas and brake pedals, and the track there is very complicated and has holes and skirts at almost every turn you will have to navigate. If you’re distracted just for a moment, your bus or truck will crash and flip, which will lead you to Game Over and point loose.

Hill Climb Racing
Hill Climb Racing

According to users, Hill Climb Racing is a simple yet fascinating game that children and adults alike and has challenging tasks behind the false appearance of simplicity. They will require you to concentrate, to react instantly, and to exercise great restraint.

You must be sure that you have a prompt level of psychological restraint.

Hill Climb Racing will give you the opportunity to try races in different interesting places that will help you to improve your individual training and your character, as well as increase your self-confidence and ability to quickly assess situations and make correct and smart decisions.

A hippie van equipment

This van resembles a commuter bus that is painted yellow and has an engine with an automatic accelerator. The van knows its way around the obstacles, but it can barely withstand the bumps. As a result, the springs and wheels can break and even fall off. In this van, there can be a driver and two passengers at the same time.

We advise you to be careful on your journey because otherwise, you risk breaking your neck in a sudden road turn.

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