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Instagram games are an exciting way to engage followers


Instagram games are excellent for boosting engagement and fostering community on your account. As a crucial element of social media marketing, they help account owners achieve goals like increasing followers and leveraging Instagram for business success. In addition, using an Instagram highlights viewer can help you save content from stories while remaining unnoticed and maintaining privacy.

But what exactly are Instagram games, and how can you use them most effectively? In this article, we’ll explore these questions and present Instagram game ideas you can implement.

Three Truths and a Lie

“Three Truths and a Lie” is a well-loved game that many are familiar with, and it’s pretty straightforward.

To play this on Instagram Stories, create four posts, each sharing a fact about yourself or your business. Then, add a fifth post with a Poll Sticker, inviting your followers to guess which facts are false.

This engaging Instagram game is accessible for all followers to participate in and offers a fantastic opportunity for them to get to know you or your brand better.

Quick Draw Challenge

Are you looking for something interactive? Challenge your followers to a Quick Draw! Access this template through the second set of directions provided above.

Use this Instagram Story game to engage your followers and help them get to know you better by asking them to draw your pet or a product your business sells.

Take the challenge further by turning it into a giveaway. For instance, reward your brand’s best drawing of a specific product with a free sample.

Nominate Your Friends Challenge

You’ve likely encountered numerous challenges on Instagram, and this one is both simple to host and an engaging way to involve many followers and friends. It offers ample creative freedom — customize the challenge to fit your vision. Participants must follow the posted steps and then nominate their friends to join in.

An excellent method to propagate your challenge on Instagram is using the challenge sticker available on Instagram Stories. This feature makes it easy for users to participate when nominated. Here’s how it works:

Apply the challenge sticker after recording a video or snapping a photo to show you’ve completed the challenge. This could be a specific hashtag or the name of the challenge.

Viewers and anonymous Instagram viewers click on the sticker in your story, which will navigate them to their own stories, enabling them to make their contribution to the challenge and similarly mark it with the sticker.

Instagram stories
Instagram stories

Utilizing this sticker will make your challenge easily recognizable and joinable, facilitating its viral spread.

For instance, participants can tag friends, allowing them to effortlessly join the “Baby Face Challenge” by clicking the sticker in the Story post.

Emoji Quiz Challenge

The Emoji Quiz Challenge has taken Instagram by storm thanks to its entertaining and engaging approach. Participants interpret a series of emojis representing various words, scenes, songs, or items.

This game is enjoyable for users of all ages, offering a fun way to test creativity and knowledge while fostering friendly competition among friends and followers. The challenge encourages imaginative thinking and mental flexibility, requiring players to decipher emoji sequences that hint at popular phrases or identify the titles of well-known movies from cleverly arranged symbols.

The widespread appeal and accessibility of the Emoji Quiz Challenge have made it a favorite pastime for Instagram users worldwide. Beyond its entertainment value, the game promotes community engagement, as players eagerly share their answers in the comments section, sparking lively discussions and camaraderie.

Both influencers and brands have leveraged the Emoji Quiz Challenge as an innovative marketing tool to connect with their audiences and enhance brand awareness.

As the trend evolves, the Emoji Quiz Challenge remains a beloved feature on Instagram, bringing joy and excitement to users as they unravel the mysteries behind each clever emoji combination.

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