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Clever and elegant Hippie on a skateboard

Hippy Skate

Many people dream that they will be able to perform unique skateboard tricks, but in reality, this sport is dangerous and very complex, and therefore accessible to a few people. However, every user can fully experience unforgettable feelings in the Hippy Skate computer game.

If you are interested in why this game is called racecar turns happy Skate, we will tell you that it is because the game character wears long hair, connected by a cloth, and wears rainbow clothes, while the world around him is coloured yellow, green and blue, I’m an eco-friendly one.

How to play in Hippy Skate

Gamer has no difficulty in playing the game. So he or she will only have two buttons at her disposal:

  1. The «space» button is used as an accelerator or gas pedal for acceleration and deceleration of movement.
  2. The «arrow down» button makes the character jump.
  3. The long push of the arrow amplifies the jump.

A circular path with hurdles and roller coasters rotates rapidly, which results in the gamer being able to control the situation and pressing space or lower arrow in time to be able to enter the moving track flexibly and accurately.

The beautiful video graphics and hippies on the obstacle course look very realistic, and the motions of your character are animated in such a way that they coincide with the physiology of the real human body.

This game is a comprehensive simulation of the equilibrium on a board with wheels on a complicated circuit. The surrounding landscape has a full Hippie atmosphere and contributes to the formation of prompt gameplay.

Historical notes

Why did this game involve Hippie and the skateboard themes at the same time? The thing is, according to history, skateboarding as sports equipment was created more than 70 years ago, and it was in the 1960s that the hippie movement became popular.

Presumably, the skateboard was invented by surfing enthusiasts who could not reach the ocean and ride on its waves.

At the same time, the Hippy Skate game will give you the opportunity to experience an unforgettable sense of absolute control over the body and the elements even if you cannot skateboard in real life.

And that will be at least your minimum.

During the period when the Hippie movement was at its peak of popularity, the skateboard gained its curved shape and soft wheels from polyurethane, which allow the board to obtain a reliable grip on the track surface.

Hippy Skate
Hippy Skate

What do people like about skateboarding?

It’s an amazing feeling of complete freedom and self-control at the same time. At the same time, these feelings are denied to the locals.

Hippies have always wanted those feelings. With the advent of the digital age, an innovative opportunity to achieve enlightenment and liberation has been realized in our society. One of its factors is a Hippy Skate computer simulation.

You can only press two buttons and feel free, and all at your convenience.

In addition, you have the option not to install a Hippy Skate game on your computer because this game is available online on a variety of websites.

Soft rhythmic guitar music accompanies acrobatic tricks, and there are the vicissitudes of a cute hairy hippie.

This project will not require you to reflect in-depth and to exert your mind, as is the case in large-scale strategies. You can just relax and enjoy as if a hippie trend tells it to us.

In addition, we should mention that the track is not easy in this game. It has both curls and waves, and even sharp racecar turns for those gamers who want to demonstrate what they really did.

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