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The best browser games 2021

At the end of the twentieth century, gamers needed consoles to play games, but after the Internet got big, so-called browser games appeared that gamers could play on just a computer.

The best browser games are classified as single-player, corporate (for friends) and multiplayer (mass, open to all Internet users). In the past, browser games were created using Adobe Flash technology, but with the introduction of the HTML5 hypertext mark-up language, the need for flash players is no longer needed, and a fast and reliable Internet browser is now sufficient to run games.

Today, old browser games based on Flash technology do not work on mobile devices and in new versions of internet browsers. Only the non-project developers will adapt user-friendly old games to the new video technology of the Internet.

The best games for the browser in 2021

Total Battle in the genre became the leader of the retiring year. Critics call the project a hybrid of military simulation and building-style strategies. The character’s mission is to build settlements and organise defence against numerous bloody, vicious and cunning conquerors.

You can’t win a war with a major adversary without an advanced economy, so you’ll have to start preparing for battles by building a fully-fledged production infrastructure that will allow you to build a high-tech army with weapons and uniforms.

Once you have military power, you can try to claim the wealth of your neighbours, the less advanced states. We advise you to fight your opponents in the company of powerful allies, so the difficult negotiations on mutually beneficial interaction are secured.

Total Battle
Total Battle

The next item on our browser list is Forge of Empires. It is considered by critics to be a top-level free strategy that has attracted more than two million participants through its quality gameplay:

  • Possibility to create a full-scale mediaeval empire (as follows from the name of the strategy «Merger of empires»).
  • Conquest and accession of less advanced states.
  • Enter into military alliances with strong states.
  • The gameplay permeates several historical eras, starting with the Stone Age. Follow the history of the establishment and expansion of the empire in centuries.

Years and centuries pass, and citizens are increasingly educated and cultured, and weapons are increasingly lethal and accurate.

If you try the Forge of Empires project, you can feel like a true ruler who is responsible for thousands of subjects.

Role-playing games in the browser

Dark Genesis continues to list the best games for the browser. It has a story that tells us about mediaeval myths and legends of Western Europe.

This project has a style such as the integration of RPG and MMORPG. The game begins with a blank slate and gradually expands into detail. In this game, you will see the search for treasure, the rescue of the weak, which need the help of a fearless and good hero, battles with fantastic monsters and, of course, witchcraft and magic.

The protagonist, called Paladin or Swordsman, will take sides with his allies in the form of wanderers and even wild animals – just like in fairy tales. Swordsman’s tactics focus on agility and skill. In addition, Paladin targets powerful heavy weapons and impenetrable armour.

Rail Nation, Total Battle, and Big Farm can complete the list of best projects for browsers.

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