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Many people dream of earning money while playing. And it is natural because what can be better than immersing yourself in the game process and getting money for it? Many online games provide the possibility of passive income. For example, WoW or Warframe.

But you will have to spend a really long time to make money on them. Our guest today is an entirely different story. This game is designed for you to earn money and enjoy. But first things first. First, we would like to offer you a quality Bitcoin mixer. It will help you to keep maximum anonymity when you use your honestly earned cryptocurrency. – what is it? is a popular Sci-Fi game meta-universe running on Wax blockchain on the Play2Earn model. The world of this game is one of the most virtual in this genre and in this distribution model. To be more specific and go by the numbers, AlienWorlds has over 10 million registered users, 250,000 of whom log into the game daily.

The backbone of AlienWorlds’ internal economy is the Trillium Native Token (TLM), issued on Wax, BNB Chain, and Ethereum. The game also runs a marketplace for NFT items and digital real estate, and a network of decentralized organizations manages the economy.

“But how do I get bitcoins?” – you might ask. Even though you can’t do it directly, you can exchange the in-game currency TLM for BTC on the exchange. After that, we recommend you mix it in YoMix and thus provide yourself with total anonymity. If you need more clarification on how all these processes happen, you can go to the official website of this cryptocurrency mixer in the FAQ section, and there will be all the answers to your questions.

Alien Worlds Master the Metaverse

How is the gameplay in AlienWorlds arranged?

Alien Worlds has only a browser-based version, but this game is available on PC and mobile devices. Before you can sign up for the game, you need to set up a Wax Cloud Wallet account. Unlike many NFT games based on the Play2Earn model, AlienWorlds does not require an initial investment.

You’ll be able to start mining the in-game TLM cryptocurrency immediately using the tool you’re given at the beginning of the game. Here’s the procedure for mining cryptocurrency:

  1. Choose one of the six planets.
  2. On the selected planet, open one of the available land plots.
  3. Place the mining tool in your hand and start mining the cryptocurrency.

The planet and mining site are selected through Wax blockchain transactions, which must be confirmed in the Wax Cloud Wallet. As for the gameplay itself, it is pretty simple. It’s a pushing of keys one by one.

First, you will need to press “Mine” and then “Claim Mine,” after which you will also need to approve the transaction (the “Approve” button in the Wax Cloud Wallet pop-up window). Once you do, the TLM cryptocurrency will be credited to your account.

The better your in-game tool, the more you will earn per session. In addition to TLM coins, there’s a slight chance of getting NFTs, which can be exchanged for digital items and then used as you play, or you can sell them to another player.

Other features

Another excellent gameplay component is the quests, presented as expeditions to remote planets. These are short-term raids over several weeks with rewards from TLMs and valuable NFTs. The steaming journeys occur on the BNB Chain network and require a Metamask or other suitable browser wallet connection.

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