AniMixPlay: an application for anime fans of games and cartoons

Modern gamers are able to choose games according to their interests and taste preferences. Among the vast variety of computer entertainment, every user can find an option that will allow him or her to take a break from reality and travel to a fascinating virtual world. However, developers may not be able to define the genre of the game with much precision, as their design was designed for a large number of users with different preferences. In this case, developers do not want to reduce the number of potential buyers by specifying a particular genre.

Variety of genres

Generally, games for PC and mobile gadgets do not divide into several types, including:

  • action is a fascinating walk simulator and first-person shooter;
  • quests that involve the adventure of one or more heroes and make you think before reaching a certain goal;
  • role-playing games in which the gamer assumes the role of a specific character and acts on its behalf, gradually developing the character and improving some parameters;
  • simulations are entertainment that simulates actions such as driving;
  • strategies are logical games in which gamers develop their skills to come up with different tactical solutions;
  • gambling is entertainment, which allows to earn virtual or even real values.

Features of individual genres

AniMixPlay app

There are both paid and free games with or without a central character. Among the last ones, there are projects where there is no storyline. Therefore they do not cause addiction and do not have a strong influence on the psyche. Often, participants have to solve various logical problems in such projects. This allows them to train their memory, thinking and attention. Strategies don’t have a protagonist either. Each participant of such a project has to make certain decisions, which can lead to different consequences, and the user has to build the necessary logical chains. Simulators are another genre of games that are online entertainment without a single character. They do not have a sharp story, and you can repeat the same action several times.

RPG is another popular style of game where users can make very interesting decisions. Gamers are free to choose the character on whose behalf they will act and achieve certain results. We want to point out that it is such games that are cause a strong addiction, but they are not negative. Gamers try out character qualities and develop them according to their preferences.

The judicious use of such games does not harm the psyche, but even develops thinking and attention, is fascinated by studying various historical facts. Some such virtual entertainment involves teamwork. They help reduce psycho-emotional tension and train reaction speed.

Computer games have attracted fans of such styles as comics, fiction, horror, and even anime. AniMixPlay app is available for those gamers who want to not only try out the role of certain characters but also view any animated films with fascinating storylines. You can download this to your mobile device completely free only if your phone is running on the basis of the Android operating system.

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