Cybersport popularizing: mobile applications and computer games

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In today’s world, a lot of people are into video games. At the same time, the profits of the companies that create these fascinating virtual entertainments are as good as those of the media industry. There is an opinion that the first computer game is the development of the English scholar Douglas. Thus, in 1952, he presented his PhD thesis, in which a simple program «tic-toes» was used as a prototype of interaction of a computer and a person.

Ralph Baer is an American inventor who designed video games. In 1966, this man created a compact video game device for two people. In the very first game, participants were required to move luminous squares on the monitor. A little later, virtual entertainment such as table tennis, football and volleyball appeared too.

Computer games are a new sport

In modern world, the video game industry is developing at a very rapid pace. Modern virtual entertainment is a complex program with excellent graphics and exciting plot. Today, gamers can not only play but make a good living through this activity. The result of this exercise is a type of sport such as cybersport. Many parents have even begun to encourage and help children to become involved in virtual games.

The most popular cybersport persons get big fees, and the sponsors invest huge sums of money in this direction. There is an opinion that cybersport improves attention and also develops the analytical thinking of the person. Through video games, gamers learn to quickly make the right decisions under different and rapidly changing circumstances. In addition, such virtual entertainment teaches logic, improves reaction and increases focus.

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The benefits of virtual competition

There are more than one hundred and forty million people who can call themselves athletes or fans in this activity. Sports events have several unique features that allow them to be called extraordinary computer entertainment. Games that are suitable for cybersport do not have random or free events, and all contestants are in roughly the same conditions. Athletes meet on a virtual arena and meet in a contest where they can use their computers with identical software.

Successful cybersport persons have a quick reaction. They can find unexpected solutions to the most difficult situations. Their simple fascination with computer games often translates into high earnings that provide them with unlimited career opportunities. In the modern world, there are many sportsmen who have become real celebrities that are known all over the world.

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