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Evolution of online casino games: from table games to mobile games

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The modern world is experiencing the rapid impact of digitalization: information technology has transformed many areas of human activity – work, education, and entertainment. Professional and household tasks have become more optimized and automated, making it difficult to imagine any aspect of our daily life without mobile applications. The entertainment industry is no exception – many game manufacturers rely on mobile software today.

Mobile and computer games have become a favorite way of recreation for many users. According to global studies, more and more people are choosing games to have a pleasant pastime in the hours free from work and household tasks. The number of users who favor this kind of entertainment is growing rapidly. Moreover, this pattern also applies to the community of modern gamblers.

In this article, we will deal with how the gaming industry has evolved in recent decades: we will make a historical overview, trace the nature of the evolution of gambling projects in the realities of digitalization, and find out why more and more players choose 1 Win Lucky Jet slot games as their preferred projects. Enjoy reading.

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The world of virtual gaming: past and present

The market for mobile and computer applications is growing every year. Leading global gaming market data providers claim that mobile game purchases and installations have increased by more than 40% in the last five years. Half of the sales and installations came from the Chinese gamer segment. Two-thirds of the revenue of all online game stores came from mobile game sales. Today, game companies are experiencing their best years.

As we know, Internet marketing has become one of the main directions of developing marketing science and practice. Modern marketers use effective Internet marketing tools to attract as many users as possible to the games of leading and developing studios. And they do it well – the popularity of mobile and computer games today can not be denied.

The modern gambling industry has not been left behind by such digital progress. Three decades ago, the casino business was limited to table projects, so it was in the field of gambling for many centuries. Then rapid digitalization began, and gambling reached a new level: from the end of the last century to the present, it has continuously expanded. It has a strong position in the computer and mobile software segment.

The gambling community is making progress – amateur developers now and then create useful projects for the most popular casino games, such as Lucky Jet. For example, the tools for the Lucky Jet trick – special bots for messengers, which facilitate the gaming process and make it more diverse and not boring – have already acquired the status of a living legend.

A new wave of board game growth

In recent years, the board game industry has experienced a new wave of demand and popularity. Developers have breathed life into their tabletop projects, and consumers have rediscovered the world of gameplay. Of course, this popularization was influenced by the period of self-isolation. In the months when many families were forced to spend most of their lives in the four walls, the issue of a pleasant pastime was particularly acute. Publishers of tabletop projects took advantage of this and were not wrong in their strategy.

The growth of its demand for board games market is due to globalization. It led to the widespread introduction of digital technologies – new generation mobile and computer devices and digitalization of all spheres of human activity.

Casino slots
Casino slots

The development of the board game market will not subside in the short term. Thanks to digital technologies, consumers have realized how fascinating and wonderful game worlds can be. Modern board games are intellectual duels for the whole family and epic battles with vast unexplored worlds and adventurous, versatile heroes.

The same-type chips and boring playing fields are a thing of the past: the stories that modern board games tell us have become different. Each player can see a project to suit his taste – today, developers and distributors closely follow the new trends in the gaming community and supply the board game market with various projects. Detective stories, adventurous adventures, romance, and games for the whole family – the developers do not plan to stop. They will present the community of players with many more exciting board games.


The popularity of mobile and computer games is growing every year. Marketers carefully monitor the processes of the modern gaming market and create new effective strategies to promote game projects. Motivating player engagement, attracting new target users, and creating exciting gameplay – today, these are the main goals of any development studio.

The gambling industry is also not left behind – today, everyone who wants to pay tribute to the legendary projects for slot machines can download the Lucky Jet app on their smartphone and enjoy the atmosphere of old gambling games. Gamblers try to get as much as possible from slot projects, and many of them develop their Lucky Jet strategy – which helps them refresh the process of creating bets and make the gameplay more interesting. You, too, can try to come up with new ways to play your favorite gambling projects. Successful bets and interesting games!

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