The Summer of Love 50th Anniversary Concert will be held in the Sharon Meadows, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA. This Sponsor package is being sent to companies now to give them time to calendar the event and to afford them time to set up the necessary planning and development needed to be a corporate sponsor.

The Summer of Love 50th is a celebration of the Human Be-in and the historical moment which included most of 1967 in the Haight Ashbury, San Francisco; known as the “Summer of Love”. This pivotal moment in time will be celebrated by a huge “Free” concert. The event promotes the simple principles of peace, love, compassion, understanding and higher consciousness. In today’s world of shock & awe, it is time to be reminded of these simple principles. The Summer of Love 50th Anniversary Concert is intended to not only celebrate music and the 1967 “Summer of Love” but to also celebrate these simple principles while promoting a higher consciousness.


Council of Light

The Summer of Love 50th Anniversary is promoted by the non-profit Council of Light. The Council of Light is a group of like-minded people who have been in the music industry since the early 60’s which includes members of the original Family Dog, Grateful Dead management, Digger community, early FM radio personalities, poster artists, musicians, many of San Francisco’s luminaries the movers and shakers of the San Francisco scene. The production is handled by 2b1 Productions which include many people from the Family Dog and Bill Graham Presents having a long history producing live concerts and events. The non-profit NBPF Inc. has been in existence since 1971 and is a 501(c)3 tax exempt corporation in good standings. The entire Council of Light works for free; even upper management does not receive a salary. The sole purpose of the Council of Light is to make events like this possible.


Musicians and the changing of the guard

Because of the stature of this event and its historical significance, the ending of an era and most likely, the last time many of these musicians will perform together; we feel they deserve to be treated well. We plan to utilize the best and latest in concert production for the musicians from sound, to stage, to travel and lodging. While noted musicians from the era will be featured, we will also include other conscious artists from the current four decades. We anticipate worldwide media coverage of the event because of the historical significance and the success of our past three events.



As a sponsor; depending on the level of participation, you will have a unique opportunity that is unprecedented. You will have a chance to identify your brand with a generation that truly made a difference and changed the world.  The 60’s will be remembered as a turning point in American history, a period as important as the “Roaring 20’s” where a generation stood up and challenged authority,  impeached presidents and stopped a war (without bloodshed) while standing for higher principles. This event will mark an end of an era, and a new beginning where the torch of compassion will be passed on to the next generation. You have a unique opportunity to be part of this historical moment.

Audience Demographics:

Audience  – Thousands of International guests expected to attend the event.

Demographics – 35% San Francisco, 20% California, 21% USA, 24% International.

Age Groups

5% – 66 to 85 years of age with average income of $150,000.00

65% – 35 to 65 years of age with average income of $125,000.00.

25% – 18 to 35 years of age with average income of $35,000.00.

5% – 5 to 17 years of age

Sex – 48% Male & 52% Female

Education – 46% 4-Year Undergrad, 22% Graduate Degree, 21% Some College, 6% PHD/Doctorate 5% High School

We have a strong active web/social media presence through our website, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Instagram which will become very active up and to the event with high marketing potential. This will be a great opportunity to target members of the Millennials/Generation Y & X who will become lifelong customers of your product and services..



Sponsor involvement:

The entire event will be filmed, streamed internationally with live broadcast on TV, radio and internet. The event will have unique opportunities on site as well with video screens positioned throughout the park, including large video screens flanking either side of the stage. There will be opportunities in the mobile phone world with interactive texting and messaging occurring with the musicians back stage, before and after their performances. People in their homes will be able to text their comments and have them displayed on the huge video screens while concert goers will be able to respond.

There is an opportunity to be included in the press packages which will include local, national and international; radio, TV, internet blogs, magazines, and newspapers. Your brand can be included on the event poster and handbills created by some of the world renowned poster artists from the 60’s (many of our posters have become collectables and are highly sought after). There are also opportunities for you to have your own poster commemorating the event without other sponsors on it.  There will be a catalog showing the performance schedule of artists with bios and layout of the concert activities. During the show catalogs showing the performance schedules are always in high demand and become collectables.

The show will be filmed from beginning to end documenting the entire event with potential release as a film and/or documentary with branding rights available.  DVD and CD distribution opportunities are also possible.  There will be huge video screens on both sides of the stage and placed strategically throughout the event. Top line presenter will have banner rights on the 20’x30’ video screens flanking the stage.  There will also be banner rights on the video screens in the audience and back stage. The entire event will be streamed live to over 80 countries celebrating the event simultaneously.

There will also be opportunities to sponsor the laminates/credentials for the event which include VIP, Backstage, Press, Staff and Artist having your branding on both front and back.

The top sponsors will be given backstage access allowing them to mix with the musicians, to eat and hang out, and be a part of the “scene.” Our backstage areas are different from most concerts, they are a “scene” all to themselves with free food, free drink, and hundreds of worldwide press, musicians from all over the world along with celebrities from all walks of life. It is the who’s who of the Rock ‘n Roll kingdom with thousands of artists hanging out with friends. No money changes hands, all food and beverages are free! Again this is not your normal backstage with no place to go and no place to hang out, with uptight security – it is party unto itself  with thousands of friends and industry associates. Depending on level of involvement some of the sponsors will also be allowed “on stage” in the special viewing area to watch the performances.


Sponsorships Available: Title, Presenting, Platinum, Diamond, Associate.

Event Advertising – Local, National and International ad’s for the event, including Print in magazines and newspapers, PSA’s for radio and video for cable and TV. Viewer calculations are provided as a reference as to how many views are potentially possible for the different types of advertising, these numbers are estimates only and are provided as reference.

Event Catalog

  • Artist performance times
  • Artist bios
  • Statement by the Council of Light

Filming – Covering the event from beginning to end

  • Film release sponsor credit
  • DVD and CD release and distribution – View Calculations: 50,000 views
  • Live TV converge KQED, VH1 – View Calculations: 50,000 + 1,000,000 = 1,050,000
  • Live Radio simulcast, KFOG – Listener Calculations: 100,000 views

Internet Streaming– available in 80 countries

  • Interactive media – live chat with musicians, backstage and front of house and viewers at home.
  • View Calculations: 2,000 people per country x 10 adds x 80 Countries = 1,600,000 views

Computer/Video Light Show

  • LED walls video screens
  • 3D holograms
  • Special show – Video/Animation (history lesson)
  • View Calculations: 30,000 people x 10 adds = 300,000 views

Huge Video Walls

  • 2, 20’x30 video screens flanking both sides of the stage
  • 2, Video screens also placed strategically in the audience
  • 1, Video screen backstage
  • View Calculations: Audience see the ads 10 times a day

Tech Playground

  • Social Media Mecca
  •  Solar Tech Recharging
  • View Calculations: 10,000 x 10 spots = 100,000 views

Press Releases, 9 separate local, national and international press releases. 5,000 Press list and 25,000 personal email list


View Calculations: We estimate 5 TV stations in the Bay Area and 20 stations throughout the US having viewership of 50,000 each will play our PSA’s 3 times a day 2 weeks before the event. 25 stations x 50,000 viewers x 3 spots x 14 days = 52,500,000.


View Calculations: 10 radio stations x 5 spots per day x 14 days = 700 radio spots in the San Francisco Bay Area. If each station has a listenership of 10,000 then 700 radio spots x 10,000 listeners = 7,000,000 will hear our spots. Most of the major cities nationally also support our event PSA’s. Let’s say 10 cities also pick up the PSA’s, this would be 7,000,000 x 10 cities equals 70,000,000 listeners that will hear about the event

Newspaper – Space available adds PSA’s, 3 Bay Guardian and SF Weekly

          View Calculations: 12 local papers at 20,000 circulation = 240,000

Bay Guardian – 50,000 Circulation x 3 = 150,000

SF Weekly – 50,000 Circulation x 3 = 150,000

          Magazine – We usually receive 3 to 4 magazine articles

View Calculations: Circulation estimated at 50,000 x 3 = 150,000 views

          Internet blogs – We estimate 100 sites or more will  post our event.

View Calculations: Each site receives an estimated 100 views per day,  6 weeks in advance of the event. 100 sites x 100 views per day x 42 days (6 weeks) = 420,000 views

Press conferences  – Signage placed behind the artists

View Calculations: Local We estimate 100 sites or more will  post our event.

Poster and Handbill

20,000 posters –

The posters are sent out nationally to many people on our mailing lists. We also have street teams in Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Diego, California.

Views Calculations: 20,000 posters – 10,000 posters taken as collectables = 10,000 to display. 1 poster in a prominent location x 20 people views per day x 5 days a week x 12 weeks = 1,200 people viewing one poster. 10,000 posters x 1,200 = 12,000,000 views.

100,000 handbills –

The handbill is sent out nationally to many people. We also have street teams in Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco and San Diego, California.

The handbill will also be mailed to 25,000 national and international people.

View Calculations: Handbills are usually seen a couple of times. 100,000 Handbills x 2 views = 200,000.

Stage Banner – Across the front of the stage, Backdrops on both sides of the stage.

Stage laminates and lanyards – VIP, Working, Press, Wizard, Artist, Sponsor


View Totals


Event Catalog    150,000 Views  
  DVD/CD 50,000  
  KQED 50,000  
  VH1 1,050,000  
  KFOG simulcast 100,000  
  Internet Streaming 80 countries 1,600,000  
  3D Holograms 300,000  
  20’x30’ Video walls 1,000,000  
  Tech Playground 100,000  
  TV 52,500,000  
  Radio 70,000,000  
  Newspapers 540,000  
  Magazines 150,000  
  Internet Blogs 420,000  
  Poster   12,000,000  
  Handbills 200,000  
  Stage Banner 1,900,000  
  Backstage 6,000  
  Parade 20,000  
    Total Views  141,286,200  


These numbers represent the amount of possible views before and during the event. Some views may overlap others and one person may see multiple ads from different genres. Calculations for these numbers are presented above.

Other areas of Sponsorship

Backstage – we expect over 6,000 people backstage alone. It is a scene all to its self.

Banners on perimeter fencing, Banners on dressing rooms, Entrance and Exits,

Banner on 20’x30’ Video screen, Artist, VIP & Sponsor Tents, Catering Area.

View Calculations:

Parade day before from Haight Ashbury to the Polo Fields with

Costumes & Floats.

View Calculations: Local 20,000

Sculptures – Themed for the journey and along the way

Audience and Backstage

Sponsor Poster –

A Poster created with only the Sponsor on it created by one of the famous poster artists from the 60’s

Hippie Flags – 400 Flags surrounding the event front and backstage, with sponsors logo on them

Food Purveyors – We will need to feed 6,000 people 2 meals during the event. This includes musicians, security, stage personnel, and production including 5,000 guests backstage.

Official Airline – Providing transportation for the Artists and Crew.

Official Hotel  For Artists, we will need 150 to 250 rooms. Room Keys – Your logo on all room keys for the weekend of the festival at all or one of the “official” hotels.

          Estimated 750 rooms will be needed for the public.

Summer of Love 50th Anniversary

Contact Info

Join us in Golden Gate Park for the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love! San Francisco, 2017. A historic, free concert, celebrating the spirit of 60’s.
A 2b1 Multimedia Inc and the Council of Light Production. Non-Profit: NBPF Inc, a 501(c)(3), a tax-exempt organization.


415 870-5312



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